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Home Remedies for Bed Bugs Bed Bugs Bite

Inexpensive, Organic, safe for children and animals

Tutorial Video Shows You How Only 29.95

Home Remedies for Bed Bugs and other Crawling Insects Exist!

I thought there were no home remedies for bed bugs but it turns out the only remedy that worked was one my dear friend shared that I didn’t find anywhere online.

Shortly after a beautiful trip to a 5 star hotel in Maine, I started coming up with odd little bites on my torso, particularly on my chest. I felt quite itchy all over, and quite allergic as well.  Ibegan to think we may have head lice as I still had young children and in California head lice are prevalent.

I took the whole family to a natural remedies head lice “salon” to get us checked and we were lice free. But they looked at my head and saw that I had been bitten by something.  ($100.00 per family member)

Scabies or Bed Bugs an even more Expensive Mistake?

Needless to say I continued being chewed up in the night at home, and the bug problem became progressively worse.  The next morning I was covered with bites. My husband thought I was crazy because he had no bites at all (Bed bugs don’t bite everyone). I researched everywhere online looking for a Home Remedy for Bugs. I became obsessed with finding an answer and was willing to try anything.

A doctors Visit: I was completely upset and horrified. It was the weekend so I went to a local emergency clinic and was diagnosed with Scabies, and the doctor said if you get the symptoms again we need to re-prescribe scabies medicine for you. ($240.00)

The Pharmacy: I went to the pharmacy and purchased a pesticide that they said had to go onto the whole family and all our sheets and clothing needed to be washed in very hot water. ($120.00)

I came home and explained the the whole family that they needed to put on the Scabies creme and keep it on for 12 hours or more. This was after we were so careful to eat organic food and steer clear of pesticides.  Now we were putting them all over our skin.

The Laundry: We stripped the linens off all the beds in the house and washed all our clothes in hot water and a hot dryer. (Gas and Electric Bill $700.00).  Also I took everything numerous times to a laundromat hoping for a hotter dryer experience because things were getting progressively worse.

The bugs didn’t bite me the night I wore pesticide cream on my body head to foot, so I thought the doctor was correct!  However, the next day when I wasn’t sleeping in pesticides, I came up with the bites again and continued searching for home remedies for bugs of any kind.

Another doctors Visit: This time I went to my general doctor as it wasn’t a weekend and she sent me along to a dermatologist. ($70.00)

Another doctors Visit: The dermatologist tested me and my husband for scabies but it came up negative.  He said that the test wasn’t very accurate and he re-prescribed the skin creme with the pesticides and also an internal parasite medication. ($240.00)

The Pharmacy: We picked up the creme and pills and our pharmasist was beginning to look at us strangely.  I began making jokes about my condition and asked them to hug me.  They shrank away in fear! ($150) If only there was a natural organic home remedy for bugs!

The Laundry: Deciding the Scabies must still be in the environment I washed all our clothes, bed linens and towels every day and also vacuumed the house every day.  But was still getting bitten when I wasn’t sleeping in the pesticide creme.  I was developing an allergic reaction to the bites and started really having trouble sleeping.

Steam Cleaning: I called in a carpet cleaning company and had all my furniture and mattresses steam cleaned. ($450.00)

The Online Pharmacy: I began ordering the pesticides online thinking that since I was able to sleep when they were on, the scabies was coming back from somewhere in the environment and I was so sleep deprived at that point I was not making a lot of sense. ($60.00)

More Laundry: I began soaking my laundry in scalding hot water in the bath tub because I couldn’t figure out why the Scabies wasn’t dying.

The Last Doctor Visit: I went back to the dermatologist in tears.  He looked at my bites and asked if we had bird mites in the house or some other thing and reluctantly re-prescribed me the scabies lotion and anti-parasite pill. ($240.00)

The Last Pharmacy Visit: The pharmasist pulled me aside and said “I don’t think you have Scabies… I am not supposed to second guess your doctor but this is getting dangerous for your liver.  Perhaps you have bed bugs… my wife and I had them once and I never had a bite on me but she was going crazy…”

Well, my husband had no bites either!

Bed Bugs are not impossible to get rid of – they can’t be!  I did it all by myself!

I tried bed bug bombs which didn’t work because they don’t live in a way that a fine mist coming down on everything would kill them. And I tried expensive pesticeides on my house but again I didn’t really know my enemy so that didn’t work. ($60.00)

If they crawl and they bite they will DIE!!!!

My dear friend and I were going running a few days after I had begun to think I had the bed bugs, and I mentioned the Bed Bug idea and she had an immediate plan for me which was a lot of work but cost less than $8.00 at the time!  It was natural and wouldn’t hurt the doggie or the kids!  And guess what? It worked!!!

I have a quick eBook and tutorial video showing you how if you want to follow my lead for $29.oo which is a whole lot less than I spent.  I hope it can help you.  We never had the bed bugs again.  We could not 100% be sure they were bed bugs because even after 7 months of being bitten, the house didn’t show the signs the way you see in those awful matress pictures.  However, with this cure, you don’t need to diagnose bed bugs, they just have to be crawling insects and you’re good to go!  But be aware that this will take some work on your part to know the enemy and take apart some furniture and treat everywhere that a bed bug could hang out.

God bless you and I hope you get back to sleeping well my friend! ($29.95 for tutorial video/ebook + supplies which are under $20.00 = sleep!)